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Social Responsibility

As promoters of the local territory, we like to act socially to improve the social and environmental factors that surrounds us, it is responsibility from all of us to ensure that we preserve the local environment, especially when we are based and surrounded by the natural beauty from Castelo de Bode lake.
We act both environmentally, ensuring the sustainability of the surrounding nature, as well as socially, acting in the most diverse ways with the population in order to help and raise awareness of the necessary good practices so that we can continue to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.  


Sustainability is a concept related to the conservation or maintenance of a scenario in a long term, in order to minimize the most possible threats in our ecosystem.

In the environmental aspect, in which the term is frequently used, sustainability refers to a healthy planet, in which people can find the necessary conditions for survival, from generation to generation.


The term sustainability is linked to the regeneration capacity from ecosystems in the face of the abusive use of natural resources or aggressions, such as fires and natural events.

In this way, we actively contribute to the sustainability of our environment through a series of actions carried out by us, namely in the homemade production of food products.

Forest Fires

Forest fires represent the greatest danger to the local region's populations during the summer session.

Most forest fires originate from arson based on complete negligence on the part of people who light a bonfire for various recreational purposes and it gets out of control, generating forest fires. 


Given the geographical characteristics of the region with an enormous forest density, together with meteorological conditions of extreme dry and warm during the summer season, it is by law   EXTREMELY PROHIBITED to make any kind of fire, bonfire or use stoves camping in any forested area in the immediate area of the water level from the Castelo de Bode lake and throughout the all region.

Many people use the surroundings of the water level of the Castelo de Bode lake to spend time with family and friends on a picnic and light a fire or stove to grill food. We remind you that this behavior puts hundreds of lives in risk.


Do not light a fire, remember that by doing so you are putting the lives of hundreds of people in the local region in danger, help us to prevent the forest fires.

Below are photographs from fires that happened in local surroundings from the Castelo de Bode lake over time. We do every year several efforts so that they don't happen again, help us in this task, DON'T BUILD A FIRE.