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Boat Transfers

Are you on Tomar side of the lake, would you like to come and have a cold drink with your friends while listening to music and enjoying a summer day?

Just 15 minutes from the center of Tomar, in Barreiras - Serra, get the boat at BARCAÇA Actividades Nauticas marina.



If you are on the Alqueidão side, get the boat from Praia Fluvial de Alqueidão


Boat tickets 1,5€ each trip

Boat schedules:


Delicious sushi presented on the best of Japanese tradition in partnership with chef Vushi.


We combine the precepts of traditional Japanese cuisine with the most varied techniques and quality ingredients.

Made with super fresh fish, it seeks a balance between the old and the new, uniting flavors, textures, colors and cultures, fused in brief moments of sublime culinary perfection, and all of this involved in a stunning natural landscape.

We want our passion combined with always fresh ingredients, in a relaxing and inspiring place, with the Castelo de Bode lake at your feet, to give you a memorable experience.

tasquinha ao rio castelo de bode sushi

Black Angus

This year's Black Angus premium beef hamburger keep going.

Premium fresh Black Angus meat from the best producers, 200g of tender, tasty and juicy meat with 100% beef in its composition, without any kind of dyes and preservatives, accompanied by 100% organic ingredients grown in our garden that are ideal for bring prestige and flavor to your table. 

Served on a homemade hamburger bun made especially for us, with the aim of maximizing the flavor.

JOB 2023

New range 2023 Aquatic products for the whole family.

There's nothing quite like safety while having fun with your best friends on the water! Create unique and memorable moments with our nautical and aquatic activity products.


In addition to the timeless classics, we have the newest standouts from our 2023 lineup, and there's something for everyone!

We have a wide range of aquatic products with several ideas for him, for her, for the children, for your boat, jet ski and even your dog.

Dive into the 2023 range and find the perfect product you need for this summer.

preto 2.jpg

XBIRD 2023

Gear & Apparel 2023


Every adventure starts somehow and somewhere.


Ours began in 2012, and since those early days our products have been and continue to be inspired by the adventurers who take action sports to new heights.


You amazing moms, dads, brothers, sisters and friends who live exciting and on the edge, happy and adventurous lives... We share our passion with you through our products, that's what drives us every day.

Castelo de Bode 2023 Collection, where adventure and action take us beyond the limit.

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